Yeah, It's Cool Collection

Credits:  Swimtrunk & Helmet templates in the slideshow are courtesy of: TheApparelGuy on Deviant art.  Thanks!
The whole Flames, Guitars-n-Skulls thing is pretty much done right?  Tween and Teen guys don't want to wear cutsie-poo cars, animals or superheros.  They want something that stands out--but not crazy.  Boys almost never get excited over fabric but if you ask if they like it, they'll say, "Yeah, it's cool."  L-R:  It's Like Plaid Toxic, Quadrangles Black, Zigged Toxic, Polka Squares Black, Step It UpToxic, Step It Up Hunting Green, Polka Squares Hunting Green, It's Like Plaid Hunting Green, Zigged Hunting Green, Quadrangles Hunting Green, Zigged Creek, Step It Up Creek, Polka Squares Choco-blue, Quadrangles Brown, It's Like Plaid Creek.  To see more of the Yeah, It's Cool Collection click the link.

Star Wishes Collection

Vote for the above design Patriotic Super Stars in Spoonflower's contest this week.

This collection was inspired by the fact that stars can be both a winter and a summer design element. L-R: Whimsy Star Green, Star Wishes Christmas, Curly Star Red, Super Stars Christmas 1, Super Stars Christmas 2, Whimsy Star Red, Star Wishes Independence, Curly Star Navy, Super Stars Independence, Curly Star White, Whimsy Star Playful, Star Wishes Playful, Super Stars Playful, Whimsy Star Pink. See more of the Star Wishes Collection.