Sea You Baby Collection

I've been thinking about octopi as a design element for a while and my daughter loves mermaids so this juvenile oceanic collection just sort of came together all at once. L-R: Whales Green, MerGirls Aqua, Cuddle Fish Blue, Lil' Blue Fishies Blue, Cuddle Fish Rose, Fronds Aqua, Lil' Blue Fishies Yellow, MerGirls Rose, Whales Rose, Cuddle Fish Yellow, Fronds Rose, Whales Blue

Snips & Snails Collection

I designed this collection of baby boy fabrics with the old rhyme in mind: Snips & Snails and Puppy Dog's Tails, that's what little boys are made of! L-R: Snail's Tale Yellow, Snips & Snails Blue, Wags Royal Tan, Scissle Red, Chalky Plaid Brown, Wags Brown Green, Chalky Plaid Yellow, Snail's Tale* Powder Blue, Scissle Green, Snips & Snails Red, Chalky Plaid Red, Scissle Brown, Snips & Snails Yellow, Wags Powder Blue Yellow, Snail's Tale* Royal Blue.
*The little trails that snails leave is a little story or 'tale' of where they've been.

Salad Days Collection

Click here to see more of the Salad Days Collection. Everything you'll need for a fun fabulous kitchen! I had a lot of fun designing these. L-R: Aubergine Dream Red, Aubergine Dream Blue, Aubergine Dream Yellow, Tomato Tornado Green, All Set Red Blue, All Set Black White, All Set Succotash, Tomato Tornado Black, Easy Peasy Red, Easy Peasy Black, Easy Peasy Blue, Tomato Tornado White

Traditionally Drawn Collections I & II

All hand drawn and then fiddled about in Photoshop to repeat.
L-R: Strawberry Swirl, Hexooganal, Furled, Zen Water Lily, Binary 2, Somewhere in that Neighborhood, Wetlands, Minty Leafy, Feng Shui Love Flowers, Wings

Some more of my hand drawn work. L-R: Industry, Four Seasons Mandala, Upwards, Fountain Mandala, Two Waves Mandala, Somewhat Celtic, Harvest.

Spooky & Sweet Halloween Collection

I just love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday.
L-R: Monster Teeth, Which Hat is Mine?, Haunted Hallway, Pumpkin, Retraced Steps, Spider Paisley, Sweet Treat, Before Sundown, Alien Slime, Spooky Brances, Shifty, Ghosties

Christmas is Around the Corner

L-R: Northwinds Blue, Gold Forrest Ornate, Red Gold Argyle Warp, Northwinds White, Red Green Foulard, Paisley Carol, Christmas Ribbons, Red Green Paisley Squig, Christmas Garland, Christmas Birdies, Gold Red Paisley Squig, Christmas Trees

Tangerine Tango Collection

Click here to see more of the Tangerine Tango Collection.
L-R: Paisley Ole Pink, Staccato Stripe White, Peach Tarta, Fiesta Medallions Pink, Crossroads Black, Tangerine Tango, Chevrons, Paisley Ole Black, Lemon Tarta, Staccato Stripe Black, Crossroads Orange, Fiesta Medallions Grey.