Robots and Rectangles Collection

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This collection was designed with boys of a certain age (8-12) in mind. This one's for the cool kids!
L-R: Painty Plaid Black, Dancin' Bots White, Strangely Striped, Painty Plaid Blue,
Strangely Striped Blue, Let the Chips Fall Red, Square Cog Grey, Mechanical Smile, Let the Chips Fall Blue,
Robots-n-Rectangles, Dancin' Bots Blue, Square Cog White
Credits: Skateboard Template created by NunoSK8

Buzz and Flutter Collection

*NEW and Improved!*
For the Young at Heart. L-R: Caterpillars Red, Buzzy Bee Red, Bubble Dot Pink, Rainbow Flow, Whimsy Flower Fuchia, Flutter Away Purple, Caterpillars White, Whimsy Flower Yellow, Bubble Dot Yellow, Rainbow Flow Blue, Bubble Dot Green, Whimsy Flower Green, Flutteraway Aqua, Buzzy Bee Aqua, Whimsy Flower Aqua

Robin's Nest Collection

Beautiful blue robin's eggs in a twiggy brown nest were the inspiration for the Robin's Nest paisley and then the rest of the collection was hatched from there. L-R: Blooming Blue, Trefoils on Blue, Robins' Nest Stripe, Lattice Go Blue, Dogwood Brown, Lattice Go Brown, Ornate Brown, Branchy Brown Aqua, Trefoils on Grey, Dogwood Black, Branchy Blue Black, Robin's Nest.

Rain or Shine Collection

L-R: Ginkos Green, Ginkos Yellow, Ginkos White, Multidot Blue, 123 Paisley Blue, Big Flower on Green, Big Flower on Navy, Big Flower on White, Multidot White, 123 Paisley on Navy, Spokeflower Green, Spokeflower Navy, Spokeflower Yellow, Rainshade Plaid, 123 Paisley White.

Sugar Belle Collection

Sweet Summer Colors for all the Girly Girls. L-R: Ginkos Orange, Ginkos Fuchia, Ginkos Green, Ginkos Pink, Big Flower Black, Sugar Belle Plaid, 123 Paisley Pink, 123 Paisley Green, 123 Paisley White, Big Flower White, Spokeflower Orange, Spokeflower Fuchia, Multidot Green, Multidot White, Big Flower Pink and Blue.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffles Collection

A box of Raspberry Bon Bons just for you. L-R: Tulips Fuchia on Brown, Cocoa and Rosettes, Chocolate Raspberry Truffles on White, Deco Fans Fuchia, Deco Fans Brown, Bitsy Medallion Pink, Bon Bons Fuchia, Chocolate Raspberry Truffles, Bon Bons Creme, Bird's Nests, Bisty Medallion Brown, Tulips Creme on Fuchia

Collection: Blue Bird Bliss

Soothing blue, green and brown. L-R: Catty Corner Green, Blue Bird Bliss, Truffles on Lavender, Deco Fans Blue Brown, Bitsy Medallion Navy, Bird's Nests on Brown, Deco Fans Blue, Bitsy Medallion Lavender, Fancy Medallions White, Truffles on Brown, Fancy Medallions on Lavender, Catty Corner Lavender Blue, Ditsy Floral, Bird's Nests on Blue, Blue Bird Bliss Green

About Periwinkle Paisley Designs

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I grew up in Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. I always enjoyed art and drawing and daydreaming as a little girl. My Mom was an expert seamstress and she made many of my clothes. One of the best parts about having your clothes custom made is picking your own fabric! I loved to be a part of the process in creating a new outfit. Eventually I learned to sew for myself. It was with this background that I decided on Fashion Merchandising a major when I went to West Virginia Wesleyan College. When I graduated, I pictured myself working in a clothing store and I did just that for 3 years. What I didn't count on was the fact that I really hated retail. I got married. I bounced around trying some other jobs, mostly secretarial in nature. I had three kids. Throughout this whole time I continued to draw and paint and I took up quilting as well. I loved putting together a set of fabrics to create a picture out of cloth. I also made my own curtains, some of my kid's clothes, quilts for their beds and took drawing requests for pictures to color in or hang in their rooms.

It wasn't until I wanted a new bedspread that I figured out What I Want to be When I Grow Up. I wanted a periwinkle, paisley bedspread. I looked everywhere for such a bedspread. I looked everywhere for such a fabric to sew my own duvet cover. I googled "periwinkle paisley" and found stationery, pictures of periwinkles, quilted purses made by a popular designer but no periwinkle paisley bedpsread. I knew exactly what I wanted and couldn't find it. Sadly, I never did find the perfect fabric but it got me to wishing I could design my own dang fabric. Not wanting to wait any longer, I designed and sewed a periwinkle and white patchwork quilt which I am very proud of. But the neon sign had switched on. It said, "You want to be a Surface Designer!"

I kept drawing. I got myself a set of Prismacolor Markers and colored in those drawings. I posted those drawings on DeviantArt under the name of my first inspiration: PeriwinklePaisley. I opened up a Periwinkle Paisley Etsy Shop to sell those works and had a great response. A friend of my husband's gave us an old, old computer with Photoshop7 already loaded onto it and I learned how to use it. I started scanning my drawings and tinkering around with them to create new designs and then collections of designs. I started sharing my experiences on a blog and then started this blog as a showcase for all of my design collections.
It is my fervent wish that to license my design collections and eventually see my designs on products in stores worldwide.